Contra - EP

by Novelty Theory

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meganhenry505 Watching you put all of your time into this album has been so inspiring and incredible to experience. You put your whole heart and soul into your work. Thank you for showing the beauty of life through your music, it is truly mesmerizing. Very excited to see more to come :)
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released June 9, 2017




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Novelty Theory Detroit, Michigan

| Singer |
| Composer |
| Musician |
| Midwest US |

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Track Name: Wanting What I Already Have
Desire starts to ache within the mind.
A state other than this one: impossible to find.
If we'd stop searching,
We'd have what we want.
The wanting is making the something
Seem separate from us.
It doesn't make a difference whether we've got what we think we want
We think we want it but we really got it.
Total contentment - nothing left to want
When we stop thinking, misleading ourselves.
I still try acquiring something new
In hopes that it will refine the view.
Now forget that. The view is crystal clear.
When I'm here now, I feel you near.
Fear and doubt feel like isolation.
Love brings true salvation.
Love is it, it's all we want.
It doesn't work only through us.
This human form. Love's all around,
We keep searching with our heads in the ground.
Look within baby.
Tune into the heart.
A new frequency,
Nothing but new starts.
Like a boat on the ocean.
Getting rocked by the waves.
Turning thought into motion.
The grandest of displays.
Why do I believe in this,
When everything I know
Is swallowed by bliss?
Everything I know
There's nothing I control
Better to roll with it
I'm here, the right now is always clear.
Track Name: Soul Patrol
Breathe me in
Like the leaves blow in the wind,
While they're providing oxygen.
A sacred intuition,
Much like this condition.
We find ourselves exchanging glances.
Is this another of the short romances
Where we fall in love with a stranger
For a couple seconds?
I don't mind if it's just tonight.
The whole room's got me feeling alright,
But you reflect the light back.
Who knew this energy
Would be enough to fill the room.
It spreads like wildfire
When you really feel that groove.
Forget all inhibitions.
Lets take a new position.
Can we take flight?
Only got this life, gonna do it right.
Slow down.
Feel the way we flow now.
The soul is in control now.
Past the point of going back,
This here & now will last.
We take it from the 1 to the 2,
This energy has filled this room.
We're gonna watch it spread
As the flow itself.
You are love, and nothing else.
Get your back off the wall and feel this groove.
Let me see you move in ways you never meant to.
Gonna lift you up, gonna take it high.
You are love, but you're in disguise.
This life is a different color.
Doesn't appear the same,
So we rearrange.
The only thing we learn of one another
Is that we are the same,
And we've been the same.
Track Name: Demiurge
He finds himself stuck
On a visual plane...
Not the self he knows,
But the one he tries to uphold.
Unsuccessful he must be,
Seeing that it's all based in dishonesty.
Only the imaginary one is affected.
He takes a look in the mirror.
What he sees is not quite what he expected.
Looking in the unfamiliar eyes of a human man.
He says:
"This body is not mine.
The feeling that we call 'I,'
It comes from inside..
It's not attached to form."
There's no fear of judgement here.
Baby we're in the clear.
There's nobody to be judged
When you give the heart what it wants.
Play the game, and the game plays you.
The way you move
Is like a dance with the Devil, baby
Dance while the angels sing
Hallelu. Praise be to God
When you're walking through the fire
And you're stepping on ice, boy.
Sensation is a hell of a time
Till you look at the mind.
Let the heart sing hallelujah.
Oh, temporary misery holding me down.
Potential for infinite variety,
Merging God with the Devil.
A feeling that's so serene is calling me,
Calling itself.
It has a first name
That we can't pronounce.
Track Name: All I Do
You lie alone.
Awake, and you're stoned.
Wondering what could be done
To halt the rising sun, she says:
You can't change the weather babe.
Flow with it, and over again.
As time falls apart again and again,
You will see that within lies serenity.
I've been wanting to change
What's happening outside.
You've gotta let go of it.
Future projection leads to depression.
It's all in the way.
// it's all that I can do to stay with you.
They say that I'm to blame.
And that the mind's insane.
She's gone on her way. I stay, wondering...
What about love?
And the games we played?
The words that we exchanged
Out there, in the nothing.
It's all fleeting anyway.
I have been modified by the way you smile with your eyes.
Track Name: Radiate
Sweetly surrendering.
Makes her feel free of all she thinks she has to be.
Mind driving thought, finding doubt.
Watch it manifest itself.
Cunning like the crow.
It's wings appear to grow.
Illusion stops when eyes go closed.
Radiate, fuel the fire,
Feel the burn of desire.
Let it go, send it off.
Tell it baby, we'll talk again.
She don't know when or where.
Here and now, she is bare.
Stripped down of all preconception.
She loves the way her skin feels.
The openness of soul, the wind sweeps away the crow...for good.
Now the dark becomes the light.
And the heart, it comes alive.
No wait, it's not dark, it's not light, must be something in between.
There lies infinity.
He in unmanned. One without plan.
No victim to time, he watches it go by.
One moment, exchanged for the next, a constant succession.
A trading of the power of now.
No control, in the zone.
Sweet surrender.
Powerless and blissful.
Sit back, relax, watch it happen.
I don't know.
It's okay to not know.
Be at ease.
She says we're gonna die.
Baby, you're right.
But it's alright.
Nothing lasts forever.
The infinite holds no identity.
Be free.
Track Name: Back to Future
He's gonna leave this place behind.
I can't decide
Where I'm going
Or where I've come from.
Just here.....
The space is greener
Says his past tense eye
Welcome to the other side.
With no eyes, like my kind,
He's in darkness, no hindsight.
It's all the same,
Despite what he believes.
A change of scenery can not
Displace awareness,
Experiencing everything.
There is no other space.
You're addicted to a flavor you can't taste.
Caught in the chase that you can't win.
There's a physical side to a lyrical life.
Cross your T's, dot your I's,
When you bridge that gap,
You realize it's been alright
The whole damn time.
Here and now, can't be anywhere else.
Why does he want out,
All he's gotta do is lose the doubt and
Trust till the end.
And the space, he'll transcend.
In this life he'll find,
That to forget about is to remind.
Track Name: Ineffable
To define this life
Would give you the hardest of times.
Trust intuition.
It's always right.
We're given this body,
What we do with it is ours to conceive.
With open arms and open hearts we go
Into the endless unknown.
Love, it has no bounds.
Neither flat nor round.
It's not exclusive to the
The man and the woman,
A tale as old as time.
Must leave space for new tales to arise.
Taught to block out yourself
As if you died, but the body's still alive.
Were all somewhere in between
Is what I really mean.
It's not hard and fast, or right or wrong.
Experiment differently.
So many ways to do this.
There is no master key.
All you really need is love.